Business Plan Preparation Services

Business plan preparation services can be a great option if you need help bringing your business idea to life. Choosing the right service depends on your specific needs and budget. Options to consider:

  • Full-service writing: Our team will create your entire plan, including market research, financials, and narrative sections. This is best for those who are starting from scratch or need significant help.
  • Financial modeling only: This involves creating financial projections, such as revenue, expenses, profitability, and break-even analysis.  This can be crucial for securing funding.

Sure Measure® – Financial Forecasting Software

Sure Measure is a software application that runs exclusively on Microsoft Windows-based computers.  It’s the perfect result for generating financial forecasts for your business plan and strategic planning.  

Not an accountant, that’s great!  Sure Measure was designed just for you, but seasoned financial professionals can use it also.

Easily prepare financial statements for your business plan and your strategic planning needs.  These are the statements that lenders expect when securing funding for your venture.  In addition, these same statements and their supporting documentation are beneficial in gaining insight into how your financial assumptions impact your bottom line and financial stability.

Whack-A-Debt – Debt Destruction Plan Software

Will you be seeking funding for your business? Often times that means you may need to pay-down or pay-off personal debt to improve your debt-to-income ratio. Whack-A-Debt creates debt destruction plans using the debt snowball and debt avalanche methods.  These plans uses your financial data, which enables your to know your estimated debt freedom date, money saved in interest payments and the monthly payment amounts required to achieve your plan’s results.

SKU Measure – SKU Code and Bar Code Generator Software

Our team can assist with implementing specific business strategies for our business plan clients, including website development, process mapping, marketing content, and more. Each service is customized and dependent upon resource availability.