Resolve Your “Small Business and Personal” Financial Challenges

Small business financial literacy resources:  Achieve your strategic small business and personal financial goals by leveraging our easy-to-use tools that directly impact your financial problems.

why work with us?

To avoid being a one of these statistics

Do You See Yourself Here?

U.S. Small Business Professional

Financial Literacy

  • 40% of U.S. Small Business owners consider themselves financially illiterate
  • Yet, 81% handle their own business finances
  • 66% wish they knew more about their finances

Or Perhaps Here?

U.S. Consumer Personal

Financial Literacy

  • 76% live paycheck to paycheck
  • 50% has less than one month's income saved for emergencies
  • 56% has sub-prime credit scores
  • 77 million have debt in collections

If you found yourself, there is no need to remain a statistic any longer

small business financial literacy

eLearn Life Skills provides small business owners and other individuals access to software products, training courses, spreadsheet templates, and other resources designed specifically to help quickly resolve business and personal financial challenges.


Discover how we can make a difference with your small business financial literacy

  • Software Applications – that create business plans for your small business and debt snowball plans for managing your personal debt.
  • Blog Articles  insightful information that is beneficial for solving problems and making business decisions.
  • Online Training Courses – that teach small business owners key financial literacy principles.  Courses are on-demand, self-paced, multi-platform, repeatable, and available 24/7/365.
  • Job Aids and Spreadsheet Templatesthat enable you to apply the information just learned in the training courses and blog articles.